The right people can make all the difference. In commissioning, qualification, and validation work, having the right type and number of CQV staff on site can prevent unexpected delays and keep projects on track for success.

Construction consultant Turner & Townsend estimate that 70% of pharmaceutical construction projects exceed their original budget by an average of 15%, based on analysis of 20 large-scale (>100 million USD) pharmaceutical construction projects completed across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The study also revealed that many projects missed their planned schedule target by an average of 4 months because of delays during the commissioning, qualification, and validation phase at the end of a project.

The following are 4 questions we are frequently asked about properly resourcing CQV staff for biopharma projects.

How Can Your Company Accurately Resource for CQV?

At ICQ, we plan for and staff CQV projects for everything from large-scale biopharmaceutical plant construction to smaller-scale cell and gene therapy research labs. For every project, we use our proven master project schedule to plan how many staff and what resources we’ll need from the start of the project to completion.

While it sounds simple in theory, the practice of CQV master planning is a complex balance of timelines, budgets, regulations, and the expertise to get it all done right. A master plan ensures every CQV process is accounted for early on and eliminates surprises that can derail projects.

How Soon Should I Bring in CQV Experts?

As soon as possible. Not having a CQV expert to consult during your project planning phase may lead to slow downs later on.

The right CQV engineer or client representative can help you get ahead of your delivery schedule by working with your team to support design approvals, regulatory reviews, and process validation.

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What Kind of Qualifications Do ICQ’s CQV Engineers Have?

ICQ has many CQV professionals ready to deploy to client projects as needed. In addition to engineers, we also have qualified construction managers, project managers, and technical leads — all cataloged by skill level and availability in our Applicant Sourcing Platform so you can get matched with the right staff for your needs.

By deploying the right combination of skills, we’ve helped biopharma companies maintain profitability through efficient and effective planning for CQV of facilities, processes, and equipment.

Our sole passion is working in biopharmaceuticals and life sciences. When your timeline or budget is in question, we can step in to guide you in the right direction.

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What Makes ICQ Unique in Being Able to Support Its Clients?

CQV is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for any firm. At ICQ, our passion for exceptional client service and ability to source the highest-quality professionals make us the right partner for your biopharma project.

We actively source the best CQV professionals with experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cell and gene therapy, and medical device to ensure you have the right expertise every step of the way.

Use ICQ’s Applicant Sourcing Platform to reserve the exact CQV professionals you need.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

The best feeling after completing a project? Not having to look back at why and how you came in late and over budget.

If you haven’t experienced that euphoria, it’s time to change your processes. Leveraging a strategic approach to CQV from the start of your project can help you raise your success flag.