Use ICQ’s Applicant Sourcing Platform to Reserve the Exact CQV Professionals You Need

Finding trusted, experienced staff for your commissioning, qualification, and validation projects can be difficult and time-consuming. Worse yet, you often don’t know who you’re getting until they arrive on-site, which is enough to make any quality or validation manager uneasy.

We’ve been in your shoes serving in validation and quality roles at biopharma and medical device companies and needing to get CQV resources on-site quickly. That’s how we knew there had to be a better way.

Introducing ICQ’s Applicant Sourcing Platform (ASP)

Our proprietary ASP makes it easy for you to find CQV professionals with the industry-specific skills and experience you need.

1) 500+ Skill-Assessed Engineers (and Growing)

That’s a lot of CQV professionals! In addition to our large full-time team, we’ve built a database of active, available candidates so you can access the experts you need when you need them. Whether for planned validation maintenance or surprise change controls, we can match you with the right talent at a moment’s notice.

Choose from CQV engineers/consultants, CQV technical leads, quality assurance consultants, project managers, construction managers, documentation specialists, and more — all vetted for experience and qualifications.

2) Fully Transparent

Our ASP is a true “what you see is what you get” experience, ensuring that the skills, expertise, and CVs you read online are accurate to the resources we will deploy to your site.

Your resources will come with a dedicated ICQ Project Sponsor for a higher level of expertise and leadership you can lean on. It’s all included in our standard operations at no cost to you, and it’s an added value that will keep your project ahead of schedule and under budget.

3) Always Available

Our ASP is built on a cloud-based platform, making it readily available to you on any device from any location. With our guidance and technology, your candidate selection process will be more manageable and automated than ever.

Our ASP searches our complete database of available talent to give you a list of resources that match your requirements. By reviewing only the candidates that match your needs, you can select your CQV resources in half the time.

Boots on the Ground, Ready to Deploy

You’re not just looking for temporary on-site help; you’re looking for an experienced extension of your team. When your project ramps up, you need the CQV staff you’ve selected to be on-site as soon as possible.

Because our database contains real-time availability for each professional, we’re able to respond quickly to your staffing requests with boots on the ground. We have CQV resources in all the major life sciences hubs in the United States — along the East Coast from New England to Research Triangle Park, in the Midwest, and in California.

We’ll deploy trusted local resources to your facility when you need them. And since our ASP streamlines the candidate sourcing process, you can spend less time vetting and onboarding so you can begin your project and reach your milestones faster. We’ll send you the most skilled, technically proficient consultants who will propel your milestones forward.

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