The COVID-19 pandemic presented an excellent opportunity for CDMOs to showcase their reliability and expertise throughout the biopharmaceutical industry.

As COVID-19 vaccines and treatments are in production worldwide, pharmaceutical companies are demanding more and more from CDMO facilities — not only for COVID-related products, but for non-COVID injectables, tablets, and biotherapies. PWC estimates that the CDMO market will be worth $158 billion by 2025, increasing from $99 billion in 2018.

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COVID-19 vaccine in researcher hands, female doctor holds syringe and bottle with vaccine for coronavirus cure

The Future of Contract Manufacturing

CDMOs are in a unique position to meet COVID-19 vaccine and treatment production needs for pharmaceutical companies but will need to advance in three critical areas according to a facility review from Pharma Manufacturing.

  • Staying Open to a New Business Model

    There are many anticipated changes to the way pharmaceutical companies will work with CDMOs in the future.

    With this massive growth, it will be necessary for CDMOs to stand out against competitors, working closely with your clients to level set vital components during the contracting process like shared intellectual property rights and exploring inexpensive methods to knowledge and data transfers.

  • Cultivating Talent

    Finding great talent can be tricky. A strong CDMO requires a strong talent foundation. Knowing that you have scientists and engineers that can meet quality demands on time the first time is non-negotiable.

    On top of that, having customer-centric staff is equally important. Taking the time to find, vet, and ensure employees are the right fit for your culture can make all the difference in getting products to market.

ICQ Prepares a CDMO for Vaccine Manufacturing Readiness

Long before the pandemic hit, a cell and gene therapy CDMO was working diligently to realize its dream of bringing life-saving therapies like viral vectors, vaccines, and oncolytic immunotherapies to patients.

But the facility was having trouble staying on track and was falling behind schedule and running over budget. Read how our team of experts got this facility back on track in time to support the COVID-19 response.

Is your facility ready for the future of contract manufacturing?

At ICQ, we know that it’s better when you take on a new endeavour in the biopharmaceutical industry with a trusted team of advisors.