Typically this time of year, our team’s preparations for the ISPE Boston Area Chapter Product Show would be in full swing—and we had some exciting things to share with you! But if we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that there is no more “typical.” So, we continue to roll with the punches.

One of the tracks at the Product Show last year was Innovation in Digital Transformation. Digital transformation continues to be an area of importance in our industry and is often a source of vast process improvement and efficiency potential.

In a recent white paper, we highlighted the potential of two digital solutions to prevent 483 warning letters resulting from data integrity issues:

  • Upgrading to a digital QMS document control system to prevent lost paper documents and filing errors while also enabling quicker and easier documentation updates
  • Investing in electronic batch records software for easier, more accurate recordkeeping

Digital transformation, however, goes far beyond upgrading from paper files. It is an ongoing effort that we must infuse throughout the industry at every level—from data management and digital training to artificial intelligence and analytics to automation processes.

We’re bringing digital transformation into the commissioning, qualification, and validation vendor selection process to streamline the identification and deployment of the right CQV professionals to your site.

Secure the Best Talent for Your CQV Project

We have digitized our database of certified commissioning, qualification, and validation professionals to give biopharma manufacturers a more comprehensive and real-time view into resource availability—a critical component in the CQV vendor selection process.

We’ve built intelligence into our proprietary Applicant Sourcing Platform (ASP) to deploy the most qualified individuals with relevant expertise to your project site as fast as possible.

Automated Skill Assessments

The efficiencies start with an automated skill assessment of any ICQ employee or available industry professional we work with. In addition to our large full-time CQV staff, we have amassed a growing network of over 500 skill-assessed, qualified professionals we can call on when needed, giving you the most flexibility in selecting the perfect resources to fit your needs.

When you’re ready to hand-select your ICQ team, we can work with you to browse our ASP and see all available information for each resource. We don’t hold anything back. You’ll see each professional’s full CV, areas of expertise, and relevant skills.

Anytime Access

We built our ASP on a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Soon you will be able to create an online account, input your selection criteria for your jobs, and view only the professionals that match your requirements to save time and get better matches.

Real-Time Updates

Our database is updated in real-time so you only see resources who are available to you. Don’t waste time vetting and selecting professionals who are already on location at another site.

You can choose from CQV engineers/consultants, CQV technical leads, quality assurance consultants, project managers, construction managers, documentation specialists, and more. Together, we can choose the best resources to get your CQV project done right.

Are You Ready for a New Way to Secure CQV Talent?

ICQ offers the most automated and streamlined resource selection process available. Start your project off on the right foot—it’s the first of many time-saving efficiencies you’ll get with our team.

Whether you need staff for planned validation maintenance or surprise change controls, quickly find the professionals who are available and capable of performing to your exact standards.

Try our ASP today. We’ll send you the most skilled, technically proficient consultants who will propel your milestones forward.