Older facilities and outdated equipment can lead to countless issues, including potential drug shortages, contamination, facility downtime, and citations — all costly ordeals.

With rapid advancements in science, equipment, and techniques, turnover in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and systems is happening faster than ever. Have you thought about how these changes are affecting your facility and if it’s time to revalidate? If not, you should.

Signs It’s Time to Revalidate Your Facility

  1.  It’s Been a Long Time Since You Initially Qualified Your Facility
  2.  You’re Planning to Manufacture a New Product
  3.  Your Facility Does Not Meet the Latest Industry Regulations and Guidance
  4.  You Have Not Followed a Regimented Facility Maintenance and Update Schedule

Download the Whitepaper

In addition to these four indicators that should trigger a revalidation, our latest white paper explores six strategies that biopharmaceutical professionals can use to assess and revalidate aging facilities, utilities, systems, and equipment and how to plan for the proper course of action.

Download the white paper to better understand the risk aging facilities bring to biopharmaceutical manufacturing and how to get started with a revalidation plan.