Paul Vitale of ICQ Consultants to Retire this June 2018

Say it isn’t so….Paul Vitale of ICQ Consultants is retiring.

I am both selfishly sad that I will no longer work with one of the best and most well-respected engineering professionals in the industry and delightfully happy for Paul and his family.   His family has had to share Paul with his passion for work, travel schedules and late nights but no longer. They have endured many nights without his guidance, direction, and contagious laughter.  

Over the years while working with Paul I have learned so much. Not only has Paul become a dear friend and colleague but he has been a mentor to me personally and professionally. Bar none Paul is one of the most dedicated employees any company could ask for and displayed unwavering patience albeit with a bit more passion than most – but unwavering none the less. I have to say, the highlight of our days were the times when we had the opportunity to annoy Paul on a daily All the years of hard work, stress, meetings and taxing projects deliverables are now over.

Please join me in wishing Paul good luck and many thanks. 

You can sit back, relax and enjoy life at your own pace. Congratulations on your retirement Paul!