ICQ Consultants New Applicant Sourcing Platform with Career Portal…

ICQ Consultants is excited to announce its New Applicant Sourcing Platform with Career Portal.

Community_66884141The ICQ Applicant Sourcing Platform is a cutting edge approach to sourcing, hiring and placement of resources that connects our recruiting team directly to prospective candidates and clients. It offers a live snapshot of ICQs career openings, projects, and hiring needs with automated workflows offering a seamless method for clients and ICQ to identify highly qualified candidates.

The applicant sourcing platform offers numerous benefits by use of an advanced job board integration capability that streamlines the hiring process. This simplifies the candidate sourcing and job posting process which allows ICQ to better target recruitment and save significant amounts of time and effort. ICQ can source the right candidates and post jobs to numerous Job Boards like Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Facebook, Simply Hired, Twitter and more.

The ICQ Career Portal provides direct access for candidates to seamlessly search for jobs, identify their industry specific skills and competencies, apply for jobs, and review their application status through the entire sourcing process.

The ICQ Applicant Sourcing Platform and associated career portal provides so many benefits to our candidates:

  • Automatic Job Notifications once the portal matches your skills and competencies to any of the jobs posted.Career Portal_101330689
  • Increased Flexibility is provided since you can identify your availability and the system will notify you prior to that time to request updated profile information.
  • Increased Visibility and Exposure to all open positions and clients. Clients can view reports with your qualifications that match their job requirements.
  • Transparent Process lets the candidate track their job application throughout the entire process.

The ICQ applicant sourcing platform is an engineered program designed to improve the candidate sourcing process, and will ultimately provide value to our employees, prospective candidates and clients alike.

For more information on this game changing program or to obtain access please email us: [email protected]

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