As many biopharma and life sciences companies have experienced a sharp increase in demand for new products and technologies in 2020–2021, our blog series “Challenges of Rapid Growth” explores common growing pains and provides helpful CQV tips.

Rapid growth often leads to the challenge of finding specific talent to fill a variety of roles. And in this job market, finding the right resources is tougher than ever before.

We get it, you need help quickly. But you also want vetted, skilled professionals to act as an extension of your team, not as lackluster temporary help. Perhaps you only need the expertise to execute a critical IQ, OQ, or PQ protocol, or you may need an experienced project manager to work with your in-house team on a more long-term basis.

We recognize that every team has different needs, and when you need additional staff on-site, there’s no time to waste. CQV staff augmentation helps reduce the risk of your project going over schedule or budget. However, it isn’t always easy to quickly find the correct talent for your specific needs.

Source Vetted CQV Staff Quickly

ICQ’s Applicant Sourcing Platform (ASP) helps you overcome the challenge of adequate staffing during periods of rapid growth. Our proprietary ASP offers you access to hundreds of skilled engineers, consultants, and project managers; provides complete transparency about every candidate’s qualifications; and displays reliable, up-to-date resource availability to ensure you can get the help you need.

Access 500+ CQV Professionals

We have built a robust database of active, skill-assessed engineers and CQV professionals ready to help your team. It doesn’t matter if your need for extra personnel is planned or a complete surprise; our ASP can match you with talent whenever needed.

We have vetted and qualified talent whose expertise spans across the entire product lifecycle, including CQV engineers/consultants, CQV technical leads, quality assurance consultants, project managers, construction managers, documentation specialists, and more.

Whether you need CQV expertise, project management, or help at virtually any point in your journey, our ASP provides qualified experts ready to augment your existing staff.

Receive Full Transparency

While working with you directly to hand-pick the perfect talent for your unique situation, we provide full transparency about every candidate. It’s truly a “what you see is what you get” experience. Rest assured that every CV you read online is accurate to the resources we will deploy to your site.

Your dedicated ICQ Project Sponsor will offer a high level of expertise you can lean on to make the process even smoother. We’re dedicated to keeping your project ahead of schedule and within budget, which is why our ASP is included in our standard operations and is at no cost to you.

Experience Constant Availability

We understand that rapid growth often creates an urgent need to augment staff, which is why our ASP is a cloud-based platform, ensuring constant availability. No matter the time of day or your location, our ASP is ready to search our entire database of available talent and provide you with a list of professionals who match your requirements.

Overcome the Challenge of Hiring the Right CQV Talent

When your project grows rapidly, the need to hire more CQV talent does as well. The pressure to hire the right full-time employee is immense and can be a full-time job in itself.

Our ASP works to streamline the entire staff augmentation process, providing your team with timely, expert help that is needed to get the job done. Spend less time vetting and sourcing the proper talent and more time focusing on your project; we’ll do the rest.

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