Laughter, the Shortest Form of Meditation

Laughter, humor and smiling in the workplace can have a tremendously positive affect on a company’s culture. The use of humor, and the ability to produce and make humor, is associated with intelligence and creativity – two things highly valued in the workplace.

Smiling and laughter are free! They boost health, mood, longevity and success. When you smile, endorphins are released. We feel happier and less stressed, are able to think more clearly and creatively because our attention is widened, opening us to multi-tasking and insights that come from the fringes of our perception and subconscious.


Laughing is good exercise. It expands the lungs, stretching body muscles and stimulating homeostasis (maintenance of equilibrium). The added oxygen released by laughing replenishes and invigorates cells improving blood vessel function and increasing blood flow. A good bout of laughter can burn as many calories as rowing intensely for 10 minutes! Smiling – the universal sign of happiness – makes you appear more approachable, attractive, self-confident, self-assured and allows for easier interaction with others. When you smile you exude confidence and the ability to cope during stressful situations. Smiles use from 5 to 53 facial muscles, naturally lifting your face. Studies have shown smiling makes people appear younger. Smiling instantly improves spirits and reduces blood pressure. nita2 Infectious laughter and humor binds people together by promoting better teamwork, higher productivity (“whistle while we work”) and increased job satisfaction. Laughter is one of the most effective tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting. When you’re in good spirits, learning ability is optimal because your mind opens to new ideas. When a learner breaks out of learning malaise, something unexpected is provided increasing the uptake of information; a neurological benefit occurs when emotion is experienced at the same time learning.


Written By: Nita Wilding, Assistant Controller

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