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The Process Validation Life-Cycle

Guidance on Process validation began in 1987 to address consumer recalls and complaints and assure consumers that their products were consistently made with the utmost quality. This guidance underwent some significant fundamental changes in 2011. If processes were “validated” as prescribed by the FDA guidance then why were products being recalled? Why were customers complaining […]

Let’s Be Perfectly Clear

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” -George Bernard Shaw So, what is effective communication? And, how do I as an individual become an effective communicator? Effective communication is about the exchange of information so that everyone gets something valuable out of the exchange (whether it be a […]

A few ways to test Filter Integrity

It is a regulatory requirement that sterilizing grade filters be tested for integrity post use, and its a sound business practice to test them pre-use. There are three standard tests to test filter integrity.  Each one is more beneficial than the other given the conditions and specifications of the filter. The three main tests are: […]

ICQ Consultants now offers Computer System Validation Services (CSV) to our clients at our Boston, MA and Raleigh, NC offices

Teams of Integrated Commissioning & Qualification Corporation (ICQ) Consultants have played a central role in the development, implementation and execution of various quality by design systems as well as the commissioning and qualification of multiple manufacturing plants in the New England area and elsewhere, including some of the world’s largest biotechnology facilities. Now due to […]

ICQ Consultants Corp. is seeking to hire top talent to join our team and serve our clients at our Boston, MA and Raleigh, NC offices.

Sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side.  If you have been considering a move to better things then why not take a look at ICQ Consultants? There is a reason we are one of the largest and most sought after CQV suppliers in the Northeast and now also with offices in the Southeast. Contact us today and see […]

Implementing a Quality by Design (QbD) program shouldn’t be that difficult…

Implementing a Quality by Design (QbD) program shouldn’t be that difficult…but it almost always is. The question is why? There is no doubt that Quality by Design (QbD) programs can help organizations manage the inherent challenges Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical manufacturing facilities face in meeting regulatory requirements. There may be a few reasons to consider why […]