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Planning your next career move? Maybe it’s time to consider ICQ….

ICQ Consultants is looking to hire dedicated professionals in the NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, PA, NC, and SC areas. ICQ is one of the largest and most sought after CQV suppliers in the Northeast and we have expanded with offices in the Southeast. We are seeking to hire mid to senior level Commissioning/Qualification/Validation, Technical […]

PDA Event – Cleanrooms and Environmental Monitoring, Where should we be Going?

Please join ICQ in attending the next NEPDA Dinner Meeting on May 18th.  The event titled “Clean-rooms and Environmental Monitoring – Where Should We Be Going?” and “Contamination Control Case Studies” will be held Wednesday, May 18th from 5:30 – 9:00 P.M. at the Marriott Burlington, One Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803.  The event […]

Method Validation

According to 21CFR, 601.2, as cited in the Guidance for Industry Document, Analytical Procedures and Methods Validation of Drugs and Biologics (July 2015)1,2, biologics license applications (BLAs) must include a full description of the manufacturing process, including analytical procedures that demonstrate the product meets prescribed standards of identity, quality, safety, purity and potency. The purpose […]

Thank you for visiting with ICQ!

Everyone at ICQ would like to thank you for visiting with us at the PDA Dinner “Evaluating Contract Manufacturing” on March 9th.  This event had a great turnout and was quite the success.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to attend and to all of those who dropped by and spoke with us. ICQ […]

PDA Event “Evaluating Contract Manufacturing”

Please join ICQ in attending the PDA’s event this evening.  “Evaluating Contract Manufacturing” will feature talks by Amnon Eylath and Andre Merza with the presentations concentrating on evaluating contract manufacturing for Biotech and Cell and Gene Therapy and Risk Analysis of Non-Conformances in Research Model Production.  This event will be located at the Boston/Woburn Hilton, […]

ISPE CaSA 23rd Annual Life Sciences Technology Conference

ICQ Consultants will be sponsoring a table at the 23rd ISPE CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference in Raleigh, NC.  The event will take place on Thursday March 31st starting at 9:00 A.M. through 7:00 P.M. and will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center.   This event features many different speakers and will feature different […]

Five Keys to Problem Solving

When an ICQ consultant is hired for a project, the main objective can appear fairly straight forward. Validate this system, write that protocol, etc… But in practice, helping a client achieve what they need never turns out to be that easy. Problems arise, and it’s at that moment that we need to be able to […]

Proper Calibration for Successful Qualification

Why does calibration matter? If the equipment has a current calibration certificate and calibration sticker then we can check that off and we are on our way. Well maybe? Too often we overlook a key component for a successful qualification. Proper calibration starts with the manufacturer’s design and operation of the equipment. We purchase equipment […]

ICQ Consultants is looking to hire top talent

ICQ Consultants is looking to hire dedicated professionals in the MA, NC, NJ and PA areas. ICQ is one of the largest and most sought after CQV suppliers in the Northeast and we have expanded with offices in the Southeast as well. We are seeking to hire mid to senior level Validation staff. Integrated Commissioning […]

The Importance of Professional Development in Today’s Work Force

It’s natural to get comfortable in your job role once you have been employed by a company for a certain amount of time. You have learned the ins and outs of your role and responsibilities and mastered your niche in the company.   Most of us seem to be happiest when we have found this comfort […]

Technology Transfer in the Modern Age – PDA Event

ICQ Consultants will be participating in the “PDA New England Chapter Technology Transfer Event” as a sponsor.  Please feel free to stop by our table and speak with us!  The event will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 from 5:30 – 9:00 P.M. at the Hilton Boston / Woburn location (2 Forbes Rd, Woburn, […]

What is Temperature Mapping and why is it important?

Temperature Mapping is the process by which an entire area of an environmental chamber is continuously monitored, recorded and analyzed over a predetermined amount of time under real operating conditions.  Environmental chambers vary from cryogenic freezers and incubators to refrigeration trucks. The temperature across all areas of an environmental chamber will not usually be uniform […]